About Us

Dacula Mold RemovalRoss Kesterson and Joe Godfrey didn’t begin their careers in mold remediation. The two formed a partnership in 2008 with Restore Pros, restoring damaged homes.

Dacula Mold Removal came about after an insurance agent called them to make repairs to a house that had water damage, but as they point out, often when homes have water damage there is also a mold problem.

“When we were done, the homeowner called the insurance agent and thanked him for sending us out there,” Ross said. “And so the agent kept calling.”

From there, Ross and Joe started doing work for companies handling bank-owned foreclosures. One of the things they had to deal with frequently was mold remediation. Because they were already beginning to see more and more situations where mold had to be removed, the two decided to incorporate mold remediation into their business structure, and that was the starting point for Dacula Mold Removal.

The professionals at Dacula Mold Removal have more than 14 years of experience in dealing with small mold issues all the way up to helping in the remediation of major disasters. Athens Mold Removal can assist customers whether they are a government agency, a private homeowner, an apartment or condo owner or occupant, a business or a church.

Because they also handle water damage and home construction, Dacula Mold Removal can not only remove a mold situation but whenever necessary Dacula Mold Removal can help property owners who need repairs made to the home.

Dacula Mold Removal is available to help homeowners or businesses that have mold issues, and the company makes a commitment to its customers that they can all count on the same level of service that made that first homeowner thank his insurance agent for sending Ross and Joe.

If you believe you may have a mold problem in your house, contact Dacula Mold Removal at: (770) 661-0085