Mold Removal


Typically when a homeowner contacts Dacula Mold Removal, one of three things has prompted the call – either the homeowner is able to smell or see mold in the house or a doctor has told the homeowner that their health problems may be caused by the presence of mold in the home.

“When someone smells musty odors in their home, there’s a good chance they have a leaky basement or crawlspace,” said Ross Kesterson, owner of Dacula Mold Removal.

Mold and mildew must have water to be present, and in moist environments these fungi can feed on wood and other surfaces in the home. Disturbed, the spores in mold and mildew can be released into the air, aggravating allergies and causing other health problems. This makes mold difficult to safely and completely remove.

But we specializes in basement mold removal, attic mold removal, crawl space mold removal, air duct mold removal and bathroom mold removal.

For homeowners who are worried that they have a mold problem, Dacula Mold Removal can help.

Through the course of the inspection, the experienced team at Dacula Mold Removal will find the origin of the mold and can identify the type of mold through testing. If the mold is dangerous and requires professional removal, they will create a plan of action to safely remove the mold.

The plan of action will outline the containment necessary to prevent the mold spores from spreading, usually this is done through negative air pressure and HEPA air filtration.

Once the situation is contained, Dacula Mold Removal will go through the process of removing the mold. Our technicians will recommend an air test of the home to ensure that the air is normal, and a third party accredited lab will provide an Indoor Air Quality Test to restore the homeowner’s peace of mind.

Because mold can irritate allergies and asthma, cause rashes, headaches and other ailments, Dacula Mold Removal recommends that homeowners who smell a musty odor, see the presence of mold or are referred by a doctor to call immediately to schedule a mold assessment.

Dacula Mold Removal is on call 24-hours a day at (770) 661-0085